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New Charlene Downes Video Released Of Day She Died


Police investigating the case of Charlene Downes – who vanished 13 years ago – have released CCTV footage of the last time she was seen.

The girl was only 14 years old when she disappeared from Blackpool in England.

A murder trial was held, where it was determined she may have been strangled, and then put into kebabs at a restaurant, reported at the time.

The details of her alleged killing were so gruesome, her mother ran from the court during the testimony.

Despite efforts by officers at the time, no trace of Charlene was ever found. The charges against the two men were eventually dropped.

Takeout workers Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi were acquitted of murder in 2007.

Now, years later, Lancashire Police has released footage of Charlene walking through Bank Hey Street in Blackpool on Saturday, November 1, 2003 at around 3:30 pm... the same afternoon she vanished.

Charlene is pictured with her sister.

Lancashire Police

Detective Superintendent Andy Webster from Lancashire Police said,

Lancashire Police

He said if anyone is reluctant to speak for fear of reprisals, "I would reassure them that every measure is taken to ensure their safety."

He added,

Lancashire Police

The detective said the force's line of inquiry will focus on the wider issue of child sexual exploitation in Blackpool around the time of Charlene's disappearance.

Officers are poised to arrest a number of potential offenders in the near future.