This Man Was Charged With Decapitating His Girlfriend's Alleged Rapist

Minnesota man Joseph Christen Thoresen, 35, has been charged with murder after allegedly decapitating a man who he suspected of raping his girlfriend.

Thoreson allegedly drove the suspected rapist, David Alexander Haiman, to the woods where he decided to beat him with a baseball bat, stab him with a machete and ultimately slice his head off.

His motivation for the brutal murder was that the 20-year-old Haiman had raped Thoreson's girlfriend, referred to in police reports as "K.D.G" in the past.

According to reports by the Duluth News Tribune, K.D.G confronted Haiman by punching him in the face when he arrived at her home the day of the murder. Haiman then agreed to be tied up in their apartment with a rope, at which point she and Thoresen proceeded to punch him repeatedly.

Then K.D.G admitted she and the two men eventually decided to leave their apartment to look for drugs. They smoked some marijuana and meth and went for a drive in Haiman's car, with Thoreson driving.

Things were going fine until Haiman called the girlfriend "several derogatory terms." At this point, Thoreson had had enough.

He stopped the car for "mechanical issues," at which point, K.D.G explained Thoreson decided to strike Haiman with a baseball bat, stab him repeatedly with a "large black knife" and, finally, grab a knife from the belt loop of his victim and use it to cut off his head.

Another account of the story has the assault prompted by an argument the two were having over car trouble.

That being said, both accounts have the same result: Thoreson flung both Haiman's body and his torso into the woods and left the scene.

He was arraigned Wednesday on charges of intentional second-degree murder. If he is convicted, he will face up to 40 years in jail.

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