Your Cat Can Now Get 'High' On Life With You Thanks To 'Meowijuana'

A new brand of catnip claims to be so strong, it will send your pet into a hazy stupor.

There's no actual marijuana in Meowijuana, which hails itself as "a Purrveyor of High Grade Organic Catnip developed exclusively for your little friend" on its Facebook page.

The product looks like weed, and it's also of such high quality, your cat will supposedly appear to be stoned on savory goodness after consumption.

Meowijuana's tagline, "for cats who need the weed," suggests the catnip is designed simply for felines that prefer more potent varieties or no longer find any pleasure in regular catnip.

Its Purple Passion Catnip Buds actually come sealed in a mason jar typically reserved for marijuana.

A small jar costs $22.95, while a large is just four dollars more.

Other products are available in bags and prescription bottles akin to those found in dispensaries for medicinal marijuana.

Meowijuana aficionados can even purchase medical ID cards which, when produced by cat owners, will hopefully quell accusations their pets took hearty rips of Sour Diesel.

One customer's cat immediately pounced on the Meowijuana package after smelling it, Metro reports. Another customer reportedly said,

Got my cat a large jar for her 10th birthday and she's been a mess ever since.

According to Mashable, cat owners are welcome to try Meowijuana since catnip is entirely safe for human consumption.

There's a chance your cat might not even get a slight buzz off the stuff, however, as only 50 percent of cats have a sensitivity to catnip, according to The Humane Society.

The unfortunate half of that spectrum may just have to move on to greener pastures.

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