Teen Arrested After Posting Graphic Videos Of Herself Torturing Dogs And Cats

by Robert Anthony
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If you had ANY hope left for humanity, this might just deplete all of it.

A 17-year-old girl was arrested after posting a bunch of graphic photos and videos of herself torturing dogs and cats with a friend by her side.

How anyone could willingly associate themselves with someone as barbaric as Alina Orlova is beyond me.

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Orlova took to her social media accounts to share gruesome photos and videos of her torturing, killing and threatening innocent, harmless animals.

She even posed alongside a dead cat who had its heart ripped out.

Russian law enforcement arrested 17-year-old Alina Orlova in the city of Vladivostok as she was waiting for a flight at the airport, according to Metro UK.

Her friend in the photos has been identified as Kristina K. In addition to the photos of animals dead at the hands of Orlova, other photos appeared to highlight Alina and Kristina's obsession with horror movies and "blood lust."

Since a vast majority of Orlova's social media posts are extremely graphic and quite frankly nauseating, I'll only be showing you the censored images obtained from her account.

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The report also states that one of the heartbreaking photos shows a dog nailed to the wall as if it were crucified. Another photo shows a dog hanging on the wall from its collar...

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What is wrong with this wretched world we're living in? Seriously, this kind of shit has got to stop.

I don't care if you own a pet or not. This is BEYOND sickening and while Orlova's been arrested, that doesn't undo the immense damage she's done to the wildlife community.

So, how exactly did a 17-year-old get her evil hands on a bunch of innocent animals? She reportedly adopted them and promised to take good care of them.

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While you might want to believe Alina Orlova and her friend are just a little sick in the head, there might be more to it.

Reports state Orlova also published posts on her social media accounts expressing interest in killing her own mother. She also allegedly asked online users how long she would be in prison if she got caught.

As for Kristina, her family is said to be closely connected to law enforcement in the city of Khabarovsk.

Say a prayer for these little animals tonight.

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