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Here’s What To Check If You Can’t Fast Forward On TikTok.

Here’s What To Check If You Can’t Fast-Forward On TikTok

Skip to your favorite part with the tap of your finger.

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Replaying your favorite moment in a TikTok video is now easier than ever, thanks to a new TikTok feature. While you previously had to save a TikTok in order to fast-forward through it, some users are now able to rewind and skip forward right from the app. Wondering why you can't fast forward on TikTok? There are a few possibilities.

Users first reported seeing a white fast-forward bar at the bottom of their TikTok videos in early June, but it appears not everyone has access to the feature just yet. Elite Daily reached out to TikTok to see if the fast-forward update is a test feature or rolling out to all users, but the company didn’t have any information to share. If you aren’t seeing a white bar at the bottom of any of your TikTok videos, you might want to check that you have the latest version of the app and update it if you haven’t already.

Once you’ve done this, one way to check if you have the feature is to start tapping on longer TikTok videos to see if a white bar comes up. As of publication, TikTok hasn’t defined how how long a video needs to be to have the fast-forward bar, but Reddit user IDronedIt reported that they were able to fast-forward through videos as short as 34 seconds in length. Considering TikTok videos can be as long as three minutes, this feature is a game-changer for skipping through to the part you actually want to see.

How To Fast-Forward A TikTok

If you do have the feature, it’s pretty easy to use. Tap on the white bar at the bottom of a TikTok video and drag it until you see a time stamp. You should be able to see the time stamp you’re currently at as well as the length of the entire TikTok. Simply drag your finger to fast-forward through the video or rewind as many times as you want.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this feature is available for shorter videos, so you’re out of luck if you want to replay your favorite moment for these posts. Considering some TikTok users have reported getting the feature over the past few days, keep checking back and keep an eye out to see if it rolls out for you sometime soon.