16-Year-Old Cannibal Murders Boy To Eat His Flesh And Drink His Blood

by Robert Anthony

A 16-year-old boy has reportedly been detained by law enforcement after allegedly killing a 9-year-old boy before chopping his body up.

According to the Times of India, the 16-year-old from the city of Ludhiana allegedly chopped the boy's body up into six different pieces before proceeding to drink his blood and consume his flesh.

The report states the 9-year-old victim named Deepu Kumar had been beheaded when authorities discovered his dismembered body, which was said to have been "dumped in a vacant plot in the city's Dugri area."

The victim and the suspect are said to be the children of migrant laborers who live nearby where Kumar's body was found.

Another chilling detail behind the murder of the 9-year-old boy? He apparently went home after committing the horrifying crime and cooked for his dad. His mother was said to have been traveling at the time.

It wasn't until law enforcement began to investigate CCTV footage close to where Deepu Kumar's body was discovered they identified the 16-year-old had been with him.

Eventually, the 16-year-old cannibal confessed to police he was behind the gruesome murder of 9-year-old Kumar.

During a recent hearing regarding the murder, Deputy Commissioner of police Bhupinder Singh said,

This is a case of cannibalism as the boy craves for human flesh. He told us that he would often want to eat raw chicken. At times he even craved to eat his own limbs, he said.

The boy continued to tell police more about the murder during his confession. The report states the 16-year-old had invited Deepu over to give him some kite string at around 1:40 pm on Monday. The suspect's parents had been at work.

At one point, the 16-year-old began to allegedly strangle the 9-year-old before removing his clothing and reportedly chopping up his body with a gardening tool in his bathroom.

The boy then allegedly put the dismembered body into large bags and used his bicycle to transport them and discard of them.

The horrifying report reads,

He extracted the boy's heart and threw it in his school campus. He said he hated his teachers and wanted the school to get a bad name. Police recovered the heart under a water tank.

As of now, the 16-year-old suspect is said to have been taken for a psychiatric evaluation as authorities continue with the investigation. The recent news of this sick-minded murder has shaken the largest city north of Delhi to its core.

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