You Can Buy An Island For Less Than A Home, So Life Can Be A Constant Vacation

by John Haltiwanger

If one of your life goals is to own a private island, you might be interested to know there's a chain of three islands for sale in Washington County, Maryland, on the Potomac River -- and you just need $174,900.

It sounds like the perfect spot for anyone who's a nature lover.

According to The Washington Post, the islands, which make up about 108 acres of land altogether, are full of willow and sycamore trees, mallard ducks, blue heron and Canadian geese.

You'd need a boat to get to the islands, but once you get there you could lounge on their sandy beaches. It's also a great place to camp, fish and hunt.

The owner, Peter Mertz, told the Post he first purchased the islands back in 1987 when he was a 27-year-old reporter for a television station in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Mertz told the Post,

Nighttime there in the summer is very interesting. You're in the middle of a big river and the sounds of wildlife engulf you from all sides, especially the sound of rushing water. There's nothing quite like owning your own island. There are only a handful of privately owned islands in the entire Potomac River.

Here's a picture of the land.

Drew Mackintosh/The Washington Post

While it might not look that impressive, it looks like the photo was taken during winter.

As someone who grew up in Maryland and went to college there, I can tell you it's an amazing place during spring and summer. It goes from being gray and dead to green and full of life.

It's definitely an underrated destination for anyone who loves being out in nature.

Not to mention, while I'm no expert in island real estate, $174,900 sounds like a fairly reasonable price to pay to own a chain of three islands.

With that said, I certainly couldn't afford it at the moment. I know, poor me, can't even buy my own islands -- what a loser!

But, if you're rolling in the dough and you do end up buying these islands, please invite me and I'll at least contribute by bringing beer and hot dogs (and materials for s'mores). Thank you kindly.

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