Millionaire In His Twenties Reveals What His Life Is Like


Just about anyone who is not a millionaire wishes he were. The women, the cars, the parties and did I mention the women? Anyone who has had to work a 40-hour week just to pay the bills knows the importance of money. The more money the merrier, right? Maybe not.

Money effects different people in different ways; this is not restricted only to those who have lots of money, but also to those around those that have lots of money. Here is one self-made millionaire in his twenties and his view on the high-life.

People wanted to know the worst part of his life. Here's how he responded:

If he's ever blown his money on something:

Why he doesn't hang out with other millionaires:

How he tips:

How he saves his money:

His tip for success:

His plans for his money when he dies:

His most expensive purchase:

If money influences his level of happiness:

On his education background:

On why is he still working:

On what the best and worst thing about having money is:

On his biggest failure in life:

One thing he wished money would never change:

Opinion on whether school matters:

On which credit card is most elite:

Paul Hudson | Elite.