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Woman Finds Burglars Having Sex On Couch: 'They Had A Big Old Nasty Party'


Jamie Barnes from South Memphis has seen some things in her time. But even SHE couldn't imagine what she witnessed the other day.

She walked into her home to find two bulgars going at it on her couch... or, as she put it, having a "big old nasty party." The victim told WREG.com,

Jamie had returned to her home after leaving it unoccupied for a couple of days.

When she saw the pair sullying her couch with their act of love, she reached for her broom. She continued,


Jamie was so shocked, she didn't even realize she'd been robbed until she shooed them out of her home.

She added,

Witnesses say they previously saw two people moving stuff in and out of the home in big bags. One of them was even trying to sell the contents to people passing by.

The man made off down an alleyway, but the woman has reportedly been arrested and charged with aggravated burglary.

Jamie has since launched a Go Fund Me page in the wake of the incident. She included a photo of her home and wrote,

So far, only $10 has been raised of her $2,200 goal.