Burger King Is Making A Huge Change To Improve Its Menu, And We're Here For It


If you're craving an order of Chicken Fries from Burger King, you'll be happy to know the chain is making some big changes to its menu.

Restaurant Brands International Inc. -- which owns Burger King, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, and Tim Hortons -- plans to stop injecting chickens with antibiotics by the end of next year, according to Food and Wine.

The company will allegedly enforce these rules throughout all of the stores it operates.


This is a huge deal for fast food fans and it definitely has its benefits. Only two years ago, a study came out saying that five out of 25 (yes, only five) food chains scored passing grades when it came to appropriate antibiotic usage in its foods, according to Delish. Those results aren't so positive.

Those who consume too many antibiotics in their food are susceptible to developing an immunity or contracting a "super-bug," which is an illness that is bred by bacteria and resists antibiotics.

Out of the 2 million people who contract the illness, 23,000 reportedly die from it -- so a change was definitely in order.

Sean Locke

While it can be a delicious treat, indulging in fast food too often isn't always the best option, so it's good to know chains are taking steps to improve the quality of their food.

If you're more inclined to opt for McDonald's or KFC, you'll be pleased to know not only are they discontinuing antibiotic usage in their chicken, but they're also going to use fresh beef in their burgers, Food and Wine reports.

While this is certainly a good start, there's still more to do.

Lena Brook, a food policy advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council, released a statement saying, “The next frontier in the fight against the drug resistance epidemic is to curb antibiotics use in beef and pork — and that means extending these policies beyond nuggets to burgers, sausage patties, and more.”

Here's to our favorite fast food and its healthier offerings.