Here's A Closer Look At Brutus, The 80-Year-Old Gigantic Shark-Eating Crocodile (Photos)

Earlier this week, a tourist in Australia snapped some amazing photos of a massive crocodile devouring a bull shark.

Now we've got some more info on this crazy croc: His name is Brutus, he's 80 years old and weighs two tons. He can often be spotted on tours given on Kakadu's Adelaide River.

He's famous for his giant frame, but what's most impressive about his destruction of the bull shark is that Brutus is missing his front right leg.

Photos of Brutus actually gained some attention back in 2011, when Internet users were amazed by this behemoth. Many of the pics featured Brutus eating kangaroo meat while tourists looked on in wonder.

The crocodile makes fairly regular appearances on these river tours. A man named Harry Bowman who works for the company that runs the tours says:

When tourists see him they're pretty awed. It's pretty gobsmacking for them. A lot of people who come on these cruises haven't seen a crocodile before. To see them in the wild up so close, I think they're awed. It's like seeing a dinosaur really, that's what a lot of them say.

If you want to feel similarly gobsmacked, check out the photos below:

H/T: The Daily Mail