Maria Manco

8-Year-Old Boy And His Sis Stole Car To Pick Up McDonald's

Most teenagers learn to drive in a driver's ed class or with one of their very nervous parents in the passenger seat.

Proving the children truly are our future, an 8-year-old boy learned to drive on YouTube, then took his little sister to McDonald's.

The nameless boy from Ohio waited until his parents were asleep before he and his 4-year-old sister stole their car and went to get McNuggets and Happy Meals.

I was just asking myself the other day who even eats at McDonald's when they're not blackout drunk? The answer is apparently poorly supervised children.

According to WJW-TV, the siblings' father worked all day and went to bed early and their mother fell asleep on the couch while watching them.

So, the big brother took the keys to his dad's van and drove a mile away from their home with his sister in the back. He crossed four intersections, went over railroad tracks and made a few right and left hand turns.

He obeyed the laws and drove the speed limit -- well, except the one law stating you have to be like 16 to drive and have your license.

Witnesses called the police when they noticed an actual child was driving, but apparently the person working the drive-thru window thought it was all OK?!

The boy ordered a burger, nuggets and fries, which he paid for with his own money from his piggy bank.

The workers assumed it was a prank, and his parents were in the backseat. They... were not.

Honestly? I am impressed. The first few times I went through a drive-thru window I scrapped my wheel on the curb.

He told police officers he learned how to drive from YouTube videos. YOUTUBE VIDEOS.

Like, did he see his mom asleep, pull out his iPad and search "how to drive?" watched a three minute video and said, "We're good to go!"

The boy told Officer Koehler, through tears, he just really wanted a cheeseburger. A family friend saw the children and called their grandparents.

The siblings enjoyed their second dinner and waited to be picked up at the police station and should I ever find myself in Ohio, I know whom my designated McDonald's run driver will be.

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