This New Robot's Abilities Are So Advanced, It's Kind Of Terrifying

The days of humankind may be numbered after this robot takes over the workforce.

Standing 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing just 180 pounds, the new Atlas robot, a smaller version of the previous DRC model, is the latest achievement of Boston Dynamics, owned by Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc, according to Mashable.

A video released on Tuesday shows the robot's frighteningly advanced abilities to exert force, avoid obstacles and perceive what's in front of it.

Atlas is first seen pushing a door open and then walking over snowy, hilly terrain. The robot then picks up boxes weighing 10 pounds and neatly places them on shelves.

But what make Atlas truly special are the last two skills it displays with the help of a human.

As Atlas picks up a box, the human knocks the box out of its hands and pushes the box farther away.

Using an array of sensors, Atlas locates the box, walks over to its new spot and completes the task.

The human returns to push Atlas down onto its front side, but in a matter of seconds, the robot changes the positions of its limbs and gets back to its feet.

With this kind of stamina, Atlas probably won't even need a lunch break or any of those pesky wages modern factory workers have to worry about.

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