23-Year-Old Boston Bombing Survivor Killed In Devastating Car Crash

A college student who survived the Boston bombings was killed in a car accident over the weekend.

According to the New York Daily News, 23-year-old Victoria McGrath sustained shrapnel injuries to her left leg when the first of two bombs went off just 5 feet away from her at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.

The Northeastern University student and her roommate, Priscilla Torres, recently stopped in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the way to Bali for spring break.

McGrath, who is originally from Weston, Connecticut, and Torres were among the four people killed after a rented Ferrari 458 Spider crashed into a pole at 12:40 am on Sunday in Dubai.

The other victims were identified as Canadian boxer Cody Nixon and James Portuondo.

All four were crammed in the car, even though it is only supposed to fit two people.

Authorities aren't sure who was driving, but the driver was reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

The driver was going nearly 90 mph when he or she lost control of the car, hitting a curb and then a pole in an area with a 25-mph speed limit.

Nixon reportedly wrote the following caption alongside an Instagram post just hours before the crash,

Just landed into Dubai picked up the Ferrari! Don't worry I won't speed ;).

The rental was ripped in half by the crash, which also ejected the passengers out of the car.

It's unclear what sort of relationship McGrath and Torres, a native of Puerto Rico, had with Nixon and Portuondo.

Torres is next to McGrath in this photo.


The students were scheduled to graduate this year.

In a statement, Northeastern President Joseph Aoun reportedly said,

Victoria and Priscilla were vibrant, beloved members of our community, and their passing leaves a grievous absence in our community and in our hearts. This is a heartbreaking loss to their families, friends, and to all of us in the Northeastern family.

During the Boston bombings, McGrath was rescued by Bruce Mendelsohn, who was at a post-marathon party in a building near the finish line.

Mendelsohn rushed outside and tied a piece of clothing around McGrath's leg to stop the bleeding before flagging down a firefighter, Yahoo! News reports.

McGrath's doctor would go on to tell Mendelsohn his quick thinking saved the student's life.

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