'Bored' Teen Writes Parents Note And Disappears: 'It Won't Be Longer Than A Year'


Arthur Heeler-Frood has been missing since September 6, when he disappeared after he left home to ride his bike 7 miles to school.

The 15-year-old was a good student and received "outstanding" grades.

He wrote a note before he left his life behind, and in it he stated he was "bored of life."

He told his parents not to look for him, but that he would return in a year.


His letter read,

To Mum and Dad, I have run away because I am bored of my life. Please don't try to find me or make me come home. I don't know how long I will be away for, but it won't be any longer than a year. You will find my school uniform in a bin bag in a small barn in the field on the green, down the road from Membury church. My bike is chained to the fence, there is a spare key to the lock on the window. Please can you apologize to the restaurant and tell them that I will no longer be able to work there. I know you will be upset, but understand that I have to do this. From Arthur.

His parents Caroline and Jeremy are devastated and are begging the public to help them find their son.

Amazingly, Arthur has seemed to have vanished into thin air. He wasn't even spotted on hours of CCTV footage from around the town, and he left with basically no supplies.

He left his phone, and police searched through it and found no search history that would suggest his leaving.

Detective Constable Mark Boon said,

Arthur left a detailed note expressing his wishes to travel and his reasons, and at this time we are asking anyone who has seen him to get in touch. Arthur's hair clippers are missing from his room indicating that he may now have considerably shorter hair, possibly shaven. I would also like to stress that Arthur is not in trouble and we are desperate to hear from him to know that he is OK. When he was last seen he was wearing his school uniform and carrying a black rucksack, but is now thought to be wearing blue jeans and a black hoody.

Hopefully, Arthur is safe and reaches out to his family soon.

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