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Bonobos Made A Clothing Store Where You Can't Buy Anything, And People Love It (Video)

Who says there's only one way to do something? Not Bonobos. The company disrupted the retail market and said, "Hey, there's gotta be an easier way." And if there's anything a guy loves, it's a way to make life easier.

Traditional retailers are burdened with stocking costs and space constraints, and customers are often overwhelmed with their experiences and frustrated with hearing, “Sorry, we don't have your size,” about everything they actually want.

Bonobos revolutionizes the way traditional stores function. It's the e-tailer's answer to traditional retail – a hassle-free shopping experience with highly personalized customer service.

It offers a full selection of men's clothing online and invites customers to complimentary Guideshop experiences with stylists to try on the collections in person so they can find the fits and styles perfect for them.

Guys can order clothing off the website, and their purchases are shipped home. They can leave the store bag free.

Shopping has never been so… easy.

This is the first episode of the new series "Disruptive,” which highlights disruptive innovators sponsored by Strayer Education.

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