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This Insane Video Shows US Pilots Blowing Up 'Millions' Of ISIS Dollars

Though widely used, bombing is one of the most controversial tactics of war.

Some believe the mass killing of terrorists and enemies is justified, while others feel the collateral damage usually inflicted by bombings is much too high to justify the benefits.

That said, this video, which shows a US military plane bombing an ISIS bank in Mosul, Iraq, is pretty freaking awesome.

The footage, released to CNN this week by the Department of Defense, was filmed by a US military plane during an airstrike on January 11. It begins as two 2,000-pound bombs are dropped above a large building complex that allegedly housed millions of dollars used to fund terrorism. As the bombs detonate, thousands of paper bills can be seen shooting into the air, scattering around the wreckage and (likely) burning to worthless piles of dust.

General Lloyd Austin, who heads the US Central Command, explained the strategy behind the attack.

It was a good strike. And we estimate that it served to deprive ISIL of millions of dollars… ISIL needs those funds to pay their fighters, to recruit new fighters and to conduct their various maligned activities. You know, we said from the outset of this campaign that to defeat ISIL, we're going to have to take away its ability to resource [itself].

It's unclear if anyone was injured in the bombing or if there were any casualties. However, provided that no innocent lives were lost, this seems like a pretty genius way to take down ISIS. Like Biggie said: “Mo' money, mo' problems.”

Check it out, below.

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