Police Rescued A Blow-Up Doll Because They Thought She Was A Real Woman

by Candice Jalili

What's the weirdest news you've heard today? I don't even care that I'll never know your answer to my question, I'm positive that I am about to BLOW (I'm being punny, you just don't know it yet) your mind with even weirder news.

Amsterdam police thought they were saving a damsel in distress when, really, she just turned out to be a plastic blow-up doll. LOL.

This past Tuesday, concerned neighbors called police about a "lifeless lady" standing in the window wearing black lingerie. If you want some visuals, here's the picture of the "lady" the police department put on their Facebook page.


The cops showed up and tried to get the lady's attention without any success (you know, because she's made out of plastic). Then she didn't answer their knocks on the door or the doorbell (again, you know, because she's not human).

At this point law enforcement had had enough. It was time to save this poor woman. They broke through the apartment door with a defibrillator all set to save her life... only to realize she couldn't be saved at all because of the whole her being a plastic blow-up doll thing.

I'm just sitting here wondering where this doll's human is. Also, why did he or she decide to just place it in the window for the world to see? Is this person the best prankster of all time? Or was this just, you know, a silly misunderstanding. I'm going to choose to believe my best prankster of all time theory.

The cops did end up doing some good by moving the doll out of its place in the kitchen by the window to prevent any future misconceptions about the doll being a real-life scantily-dressed human on the verge of death.

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