Black Cop Helps Man Wearing A Swastika Suffering From Heat At KKK Rally


A black police officer put his humanity before his opinion when he rescued a white man wearing a shirt with a swastika from the pounding heat.

The incredible act of compassion was photographed as two rallies centered around the Confederate flag took place at the South Carolina State House in Columbia on Saturday.

Flags were ripped and burned by hundreds of demonstrators, many of whom are reportedly connected to the New Black Panther Party, while members of the Ku Klux Klan flew the flag while making Nazi salutes and violent threats.

According to Daily Mail, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety believed roughly 2,000 people to be in attendance.

Several violent clashes broke out, and five people were arrested for charges such as disorderly conduct and simple assault.

Temperatures peaking at 98 degrees resulted in 23 people requiring medical treatment.

One sufferer of heat stroke was a white man wearing a shirt advertising the National Socialist Movement Party, a Detroit-based neo-Nazi organization, Yahoo! News reports.

But Leroy Smith, a 25-year veteran of the force and the director of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, didn't give the shirt a second thought when he walked the man up the stairs and out of the sun.

While some social media users suggested the man deserved no help at all, others praised Smith for his dedication to public service.

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