Bill Cosby Is Still Trying To Get His Sexual Assault Charges Dropped

by Candice Jalili

Ever think to yourself, "I wonder what Bill Cosby is doing right now..."

"Yes, Candice, that's literally what I'm thinking RIGHT now!"

Ugh, I knew it. Don't worry guys, I've got you covered.

"Thank you, Candice, you omnipotent goddess."

You're welcome. OK, enough of my psychotic conversation. Let's get to the point.

What's Bill Cosby up to right now? Well, in some of the least shocking news you'll hear all day, the 78-year-old is still trying to get his sexual assault charges dropped. He will return to a Pennsylvania criminal court this coming Thursday.

This time, his lawyers will play out their latest attempt at having his charges dropped by asking the court to either throw out the trial or hold a preliminary hearing where the accuser, Andrea Constand, will have to testify and be subjected to cross-examination.

Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, originally chose to have the two police detectives who took her statement in 2005 testify about what she told them at the time rather than having Constand herself as a witness in the May hearing.

Cosby's lawyers are making the argument that the use of "such hearsay evidence" in the trial was a violation of Cosby's rights. The judge overseeing the hearing rejected this position by citing a recent state appeals court ruling that victims don't have to give first person testimonies at preliminary hearings.

The issue is pending in another case before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

In case you missed the memo and need to be filled on what's going on, Bill Cosby used to be one of America's most beloved family friendly comedians (think: "The Cosby Show"). That is until he started facing accusations of sexual assault from dozens of women that stretched across decades. This Pennsylvania case regarding his incident with Constand is the only criminal case against him seeing as the other ones are too old to produce charges.

And who is Andrea Constand? Constand was a former basketball coach at Cosby's alma mater, Temple University. She accused him of assaulting her on a couch in his Pennsylvania home after drugging her in the 2004 incident.

For his part, Cosby has denied assaulting anyone and stands by his claim that his encounter with Constand in 2004 was consensual and that the only medication he gave her was Benadryl. Right.

Cosby's lawyers have made several unsuccessful attempts at having this case thrown out and this is likely just another one. A trial date is till yet to be set.

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