Beauty Contest Regrets Using Robots For Judges After Only White People Win


Let's put robots in charge of a worldwide pageant and let them decide how beautiful we are!

That sounds like a GREAT idea, doesn't it?!


Putting artificial intelligence in charge of determining "beauty" in humans is just asking for trouble, and the developers of Beauty.AI learned that the hard way when almost all the winners of the first international beauty contest judged by an AI were white.

Of course, programmers behind the contest didn't mean to create a racist robot.

The issue was born from three specific algorithms created to determine the winners, which examined face symmetry, wrinkles and skin condition.

One *small* detail the creators forgot to familiarize the robots with was skin color, which threw the algorithms off completely.

As one can assume, this affected the over 600,000 contestants from around the world who entered the contest because there was only one winner with dark skin.

Among the rest of the 43 winners, only a few were Asian.

Chief Technology Officer Konstantin Kiselev of Youth Laboratories recently spoke out about Beauty AI's apparent flaw. He said,

Our database had a lot more white people than, say, Indian people. Because of that, it's possible that our algorithm was biased.

Yep, just a little biased.

Maybe we should stick to human judges when it comes to beauty pageants from now on, don't ya think?

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