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WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 05: Former President Barack Obama (L) and U.S. President Joe Biden shake hand...

Please Watch This 100% Charming Video Of Biden And Obama's White House Reunion

His comments about redecorating the Oval Office have me dying.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

America’s favorite political partners are reunited, and it feels so good. This video of Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s White House reunion is so delightful, it’ll definitely make your day. I mean, what’s better than this? They’re just guys bein’ dudes, in the White House.

On Tuesday, April 5, Obama visited his old stomping grounds for the first time in five (!!) years to support a new policy that would expand health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare. The new policy would make marketplace insurance more affordable for family members of people with employer-based insurance, closing a loophole that left some people and families without affordable options. As part of the policy announcement, Obama joined his former veep for a White House speech in which the two traded jokes and generally palled around. Just like old times!

But on April 7, Biden shared a behind-the-scenes peek at their visit on his Instagram account, and it’s kinda great. “Thanks for stopping by,” read the caption on the video, which featured big bro hugs and handshakes from Biden and Obama, a relaxed tour of Biden’s updates to the Oval Office, and some reminiscing over old times (of course). Obama greeted Biden with a laid-back, “what’s going on, brother?” as he was “wandering around” his old domain. “I still know my way around here,” he added, entering the Oval Office. “I like what you’ve done to the room.” Come for the chill vibes, stay for Obama gushing over Biden’s moon rock.

The moment was precious. It was like the two had accidentally bumped into one another at barbecue or football game, and were just taking some time to reminisce over the good old days.

Biden and Obama’s bromance in the White House has been legendary, despite the fact they actually started off as political rivals when both were vying for the Democratic nomination for president in 2007. Still, once Obama picked Biden as his running mate, the friendship really took off. As political allies and human beings, they seem to just really like each other. In fact, one of Obama’s last acts as president was to surprise Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom — one of the most highly honored awards a civilian can earn.

“I just wanted to get some folks together to pay tribute to somebody who’s not only been by my side for the duration of this amazing journey, but somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service to this country,” Obama said of Biden in his speech before awarding the medal in January 2017. “This also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance,” he added. While the two may never officially work side by side as public servants in Washington, D.C. again, it’s heartwarming to know the bromance lives on.