Here's what you need to know about Banana Boat's 2022 sunscreen recall, including affected products,...

Don’t Bring These Recalled Sunscreens To Your Next Beach Day

Make sure to pack a hat, too.

Before you hit the beach, make sure to inspect your collection of sunscreen products. On July 29, Edgewell Personal Care issued a voluntary nationwide recall of three batches of Banana Boat’s Hair & Scalp Spray SPF 30 for containing trace amounts of an ingredient called benzene, which is a carcinogen — so you might want to get used to the beach hat look for the rest of the summer. Here’s the rundown on Banana Boat’s 2022 sunscreen recall, including affected products to look out for, how to get a refund, and more.

According to Banana Boat’s recall statement, which was issued by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on July 29, the carcinogen benzene was found in a portion of Banana Boat samples after the company conducted an internal review of its products. Though benzene is not an ingredient typically used in Banana Boat products, the review found unexpected levels of the carcinogen “from the propellant that sprays the product out of the can” in three of the company’s Hair & Scalp Spray SPF 30 samples. (If the recall of the aerosol products gives you serious deja vu vibes, you might remember that Procter & Gamble recalled over 30 dry shampoo and conditioner products in December 2021 for the same reason, and Johnson & Johnson recalled multiple spray sunscreens in July 2021 due to benzene.)

Thankfully, the aerosol products weren’t recalled because customers have reported adverse reactions to the sunscreens, but rather out of an abundance on caution, according to the recall page on the Banana Boat website. Banana Boat is advising customers to discard the affected products immediately, and the company has alerted retailers to remove any affected Hair & Scalp aerosol sunscreens off their shelves. The July 29 recall also stated that “daily exposure to benzene in the recalled products would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences,” but again, the recall is precautionary.

If you’re someone who can’t leave a trip to the beach without a bright red scalp and a tender head to match (*raises hand slightly*), you’re probably wondering if your Banana Boat Hair & Scalp products are safe from the recall. Here’s what you need to know.

Affected Products

According to the company’s statement, each of the three products named in the recall are all 6-ounce aerosol samples of Banana Boat’s Hair & Scalp Spray SPF 30.

How To Tell If Your Product Is Recalled

Just because you’ve got a batch of Hair & Scalp Spray in your beach bag doesn’t mean its been affected. To determine whether or not your scalp sunscreen has been named in the recall, you’ll need to check the bottom of your can to see if your product has been labeled with one of the following lot codes:

  • 20016AF
  • 20084BF
  • 21139AF

If you want to cross-reference your products even further, you can also check the expiration dates. One of the samples expires in December 2022, while another expires in February 2023. The last of the products has an expiration date of April 2024.

Refund Process

Before you toss your Har & Scalp Spray in the trash for good, make sure to file for a reimbursement. Go to the Hair & Scalp Spray SPF 30 recall page on the Banana Boat website or click here to get started. Make sure you have your affected sunscreen nearby, because you’ll need to provide the name of the product along with the Universal Product Code (UPC), lot code, and expiration date, as well as a picture of the impacted product or your receipt and the lot code on the bottom of your can.

After you’ve submitted your request for reimbursement, you should receive a refund in 6 to 8 weeks.

Does It Affect Non-Recalled Products?

Even if you don’t have any Hair & Scalp products at home, you’re probably wondering what the recall means for the rest of your Banana Boat sunscreen products. According to the recall statement, no other Banana Boat products are “in the scope of this recall and may continue to be used by consumers safely and as intended,” which means you’re good to keep lathering on that sunscreen, y’all.

The statement also clarifies that the rest of Banana Boat’s Hair & Scalp SPF products outside of the ones listed in the recall are safe for continued use, too.

It looks like beach hats are here to stay — at least for summer 2022, anyway. If you experience any adverse reactions to your recalled Hair & Scalp SPF 30 products from Banana Boat, make sure to report your symptoms to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program by completing a form online here, or mailing your report by downloading a form or calling 1- 800-332-1088 and mailing it the address on the pre-addressed form.