Why Bama's Alpha Phi Chapter Isn't Deserving Of Recruitment Scrutiny

Fall sorority recruitment is in full swing, and that means there is an influx of “recruitment videos.”

Sororities all over the country are known for creating video compilations that highlight some aspect of their sisterhoods.

A given video might focus on philanthropy, friendship, campus involvement or any other feature the chapter deems suitable.

One such video is that of Alpha Phi at the University of Alabama.

The name of that sorority likely rings a bell because it has recently received a lot of media attention for some not-so-flattering reasons.

Despite the women in the video being fully clothed and shown on a college campus, some have compared the footage to the likes of “Girls Gone Wild” and various Playboy videos.

According to one writer, the video is “worse for women than Donald Trump,” and they should be publicly shamed.

However, as a former sorority girl myself, I have to totally disagree.

Let’s break down what actually happens in the video before I explain why it’s not really problematic.

Basically, Alpha Phi members are shown laughing and frolicking throughout Bama’s campus. Some scenes take place in the school’s football stadium, while others are filmed on a dock or at the chapter’s house, while pop music plays in the background.

Glitter is blown, dancing ensues, and adorable outfits are donned. That’s about it.

Now, I understand why some people might be perplexed by such a video. It doesn’t really include specific facts or statistics about the sorority, and no members actually speak in it. But, honestly, they're not obligated to.

Seemingly, the purpose of the video is to get potential new members excited for recruitment, and to show off how fun, active and happy current members are. If that’s the case, then the video is successful.

Who says every recruitment video needs to highlight every aspect of sorority members’ lives?

I mean, how boring would it be to watch a video where sisters are cramming for exams, watching Netflix or working out?

No one, including potential new members of the sorority, would want to watch a dull video.

While creating a recruitment video, a chapter has to seriously cut it down, so it’s not too long and uninteresting.

Think of it as a commercial for the organization.

Alpha Phi chose to focus on the enjoyable times sisters spend together, instead of other parts of members’ college experiences.

So, what’s the big deal?

Yes, many of the members are tall, skinny and attractive, but since when is that a crime? Would the video be okay if the members looked differently?

According to some people who knock the sorority members for having a particular look, it would be. But I think that’s completely ridiculous.

Just because the video shows pretty sorority girls having fun, we shouldn’t assume these women aren’t intelligent or intellectual.

The video is only a five-minute snippet, and people are obviously more complex than could ever be shown in such a short amount of time.

It’s not like the video paints these girls as stupid, either. If you infer that, your opinion is likely more telling of your prejudices than the sorority members.

Can smart women not let loose and laugh with their friends every now and then? I certainly don’t want to live in a world where they can't.

In my opinion, the naysayers should chill out.

Women who are both beautiful and smart don’t have to prove they are both 100 percent of the time. They’re only human, and sometimes, they just want to joke around on a floaty in the lake, or laugh while blowing glitter.

Sorority members have varying interests, and just because they show their carefree side in a recruitment video, it doesn’t mean that’s all they have to offer.