College Dudes Threaten Rape For Having To Pay $1 For A Cupcake

Nate & Amanda Howard

And they say women are the crazy ones.

To celebrate "Feminist Week" at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, student Madeline Price decided she would plan a cupcake sale. But she wanted to make a point about the Australian wage gap, so white men were charged $1 for a cupcake while women were charged 83 cents. Seems like a pretty harmless way to demonstrate male privilege, right?

Well, men didn't like this. At all.

When word got out about the payment plan for the bake sale, Price and the other students who organized the event started getting harassed on Facebook. Some men proclaimed their love for Donald Trump, while others commented extremely non-subtle things like "Kill all women" and "I want to rape these feminist c*nts with their f*cking baked goods." Need I remind you that this is all because they had to pay 17 cents more for a cupcake.

Fragile masculinity at its finest.

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