Ouch! Guy Gets The Skin Of His Penis Completely Bitten Off By A Dog (Video)

A dog reportedly bit the skin off an Australian man's penis during a playful game at a beach in Sydney.

The aftermath of the injury was filmed on Australian TV show "Bondi Rescue," which documents the adventures of a team of lifeguards working at Bondi Beach.

According to an Australian news site, the man known only as Paul approached the lifeguards earlier this year and informed them he had "been bitten by a dog on my f*cking dick."

Paramedics, who called the injury the worst they had ever seen, determined the Staffordshire bull terrier ripped the skin off the entirety of the man's member.

Lifeguard Bruce "Hoppo" Hopkins explained the details of the incident. He said,

The guy had taken his mate's dog to the beach and was jumping off the rocks to go for a swim ... and he pretended to throw a ball, but hid it between his legs. But the dog spotted it and went straight for the ball.

Paul's "de-gloved" penis, as paramedics called it, reportedly required 100 stitches. It's unclear how long his recovery took, but reports indicate his penis currently works just fine.

The episode detailing the incident airs this Sunday on Australia's Network Ten.

Here's a preview, which also features the lifeguards laughing at the poor man's misfortune.

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