Research Says Astrology Could Determine How Successful We Become

I've always been a firm believer in astrology. I think it makes perfect sense that a person's birth date can play a role in defining his or her personality and behavior.

The science community disagrees.

But, a recent study conducted by Dr. Mark Hamilton at the University of Connecticut found astrology can be used to predict a person's career path and future success.

Dr. Hamilton analyzed astrological data drawn from 300 public figures, including artists, scientists and politicians.

He found their birth dates tended to fall in distinct clusters around similar times of the year, generally between December and March.

This finding led Dr. Hamilton to conclude astrology can play a role in predicting how successful a person becomes.

Dr. Hamilton also argues children with higher “relative ages” (born closer to the beginning of the school year) are more likely to succeed academically.

He wrote,

Higher performance on mental and physical tasks during childhood development would promote ambition. Accumulated across at least 12 years of education, this prolonged achievement could result in a sense of personal triumph.

Though Dr. Hamilton claims astrology can be an indicator of one's success, he admits most of the scientific community has yet to accept the possibility of astrology as legitimate science.

He wrote,

Psychologists want to dismiss these astrological correlations, but there are seasonality effects that we have yet to explain.

Ultimately, he added astrology shouldn't be considered a practical scientific method, but it can be a useful tool to identify and predict patterns in human behavior.

The entire study can be found in Comprehensive Psychology.

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