April The Giraffe's Calf Finally Has A Name And The Meaning Is Beautiful


April the giraffe has kept the internet on its toes for weeks waiting for her calf's arrival.

During the wait, Animal Adventure Park live-streamed the animal's pregnancy... and it took a long, long time.

Those tuning in each day were not impressed with the waiting process.

Honestly, you'd think people were waiting for their own children to arrive.


Finally, April gave birth to her son on April 15.

Rejoice! He has arrived.

Cue the "Hallelujah" chorus.

Isn't he a cutie?

D'aww! Worth the wait, guys, worth the wait!

There's was just one problem, though... he needed a name.

Of course, this spiraled into another long waiting process.

The zoo ran a fundraiser to determine the calf's name and people submitted their favorite baby names online.

We thought we were in the clear and then hit another waiting roadblock.

C'mon, April! What are you trying to do to us?!

But now — after weeks of impatience — April's baby boy is here and he has a name.

Drumroll please...

Ladies and gents, we present to you ...

... baby Tajiri! Just look at the little booger.

He's the cutest baby giraffe I've ever seen!

Cute looks aside, there's a meaning behind April's son's name.

First of all, the overwhelming choice was to let April's caretaker, Alyssa Swilley, name the momma's new calf.

The 10 nominations in total were:

1. Alyssa's choice (in honor of April's keeper, Alyssa Swilley) 2. Apollo 3. Geoffrey (the livestream was sponsored by Babies”R”Us, after all) 4. Gio 5. Harpur 6. Noah 7. Ollie 8. Patch 9. Patches 10. Unity

Though I was originally rooting for Ollie or Patches, Alyssa did well with "Tajiri."

In Swahili, "Tajiri" is a moniker for "confidence" and "hope" (but if you ask me, it should've been the Swahilian word for "patience" since we waited a century for the little fella).

Judging from the latest updates on baby Tajiri, the name is pretty fitting.

He's already adventurous, and despite his young age, he's not really a mama's boy. He has things to do and can't wait on April for everything (good call with that one, Taj).

Welcome, little dude. We will continue to anxiously stalk you on social media.

When it comes time for you and your future lady to have a calf of your own, make sure her birth goes quicker than your mother's (for the love of the internet).

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