Apple Watch Series 6 Vs. 7 points out some upgrades like durability and faster charging.

Apple Watch 7 Has So Many More Color Choices Than Series 6

Not mad about that faster charging time, either.

by Collette Reitz
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Apple’s Series 7 Watch launched on Oct. 15, a little over a year after the Series 6 release.

Looking at the new Apple Watch 7 versus Apple Watch Series 6 points out some major upgrades — like durability and faster charging — in the tech giant's latest model.

Larger Screen Size

Apple Watch Series 7 has the largest display yet.

With 40% thinner black borders on Series 7 (right) versus Series 6 (left), the 7 has 20% more screen area than the 6.

Series 7 comes in 41- and 45- millimeter cases versus Series 6’s 40- and 44-millimeter options.