Anti-Abortion Activists Charged For Illegal Planned Parenthood Videos

Two anti-abortion activists have been indicted by a grand jury for crimes committed while covertly investigating Planned Parenthood clinics, AP reports.

Center For Medical Progress Founder David Daleiden and accomplice Sandra Merritt were hit with felony charges for tampering with government records, a crime that results in as many as 20 years in prison.

Daleiden was also charged with a misdemeanor count related to the purchase of human organs.

Daleiden's organization is responsible for releasing illicitly obtained videos from inside Planned Parenthood clinics. The controversial videos, of which there are several, show officials discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for medical research, a practice many anti-abortion activists argue is unethical.

The legality of Planned Parenthood's practices was also debated in court as part of the investigation. A grand jury declined to charge the organization with any wrongdoing.

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