Boss Sexually Assaults Woman And Force-Feeds Her Wasabi At Wild Office Party


A former finance boss has been jailed for a year after molesting two women and forcing one to eat wasabi at a "Wolf of Wall Street" after-work party.

Anthony Constantinou, 35, from London, was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault following the incident at the Heron Tower: a skyscraper in the city that's home to both offices and a couple of swanky restaurants and bars.

The court heard how Constantinou – who was branded a "sexual bully" – pushed a woman up against a glass wall, groped her and kissed her against her will in October 2014.


While out on bail for the attack in February last year, he approached a woman during after-work drinks and said he could "do what he wanted with her" because she didn't work for the company, according to prosecutor Eloise Marshall.

He went on to shove wasabi in her mouth and comment to his colleagues that she had a "cracking arse and tits."

The woman said,

It's literally like the film 'Wolf of Wall Street.' I just cannot believe it because you never ever think stuff – you never hear – you hear about trading floors but you never see it. So I am kind of going like, 'This is getting out of hand.'

After the incident, the woman left the room.

But Constantinou reappeared and warned her, "Don't ever fuck with me." Constantinou denied all the charges, but denied to give evidence in court.

London police detective inspector Anna Rice said,

Constantinou clearly thought that his demeaning, intimidating behavior was acceptable and today's sentence has shown this is simply not the case. I'd like to praise these women for their courage in reporting these offenses to the police and throughout the trial, and I would encourage anyone else in a similar situation to contact police.

Before the sentencing, Constantinou was seen arriving at court, holding hands with his wife.

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