There's Finally An Answer To Why You Wake Up With Those Gross Eye Boogers

It's time to learn a little something about our beautiful, majestic human bodies.

The eyes are some people's most stunning feature. These delicate organs uncover the mysteries of the surrounding world but maintain one mystery of their own.

What is that gunky *gags*, goopy *gags*, crusty *throws up a little* crud that appears in the corners of our eyes in the morning?

It's BACTERIA and mucus, dead skin cells, oil and dust! *gags so hard, I stop breathing and think I'm suffocating, but I'm OK, I'm OK*

During the day, blinking washes away foreign crumbs, like the things mentioned above, from the surface of our eyes. Unfortunately, sleeping and blinking are not easy activities for most of us to juggle simultaneously, and so, all that crap gathers in the corners of our tiny eyeballs when we're asleep, forming eye boogers.

Watch SciShow's video above for more details about this truly fascinating topic, and draw yourself one step closer to understanding the precious gift that is your body. *residual gag*

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