Another Woman Has Been Senselessly Murdered By A Man She Turned Down

Pittsburgh woman Janese Talton-Jackson, 29, was murdered early Friday morning after turning down a man who asked her out on a date. The tragedy adds to a multitude of similar incidences in which women have been brutally assaulted for rejecting unsolicited advances.

In Talton-Jackson's case, she was at a bar called Cliff's earlier in the night, where 41-year-old Charles McKinney reportedly saw her and asked for a date.

According to police, Talton-Jackson turned him down and left the bar shortly after. After following her out, McKinney shot her once in the chest before fleeing. She was pronounced dead at the scene, Mic reports.

McKinney has since been charged with homicide following a shootout with Pittsburgh police officers.

Since 2014, at least four other women have been senselessly killed for rejecting unwanted advances. Many others have narrowly survived violent attacks for the same reason.

Activist Deanna Zandt created the Tumblr, "When Women Refuse," to raise awareness about the violence perpetrated against women. In an interview with Think Progress, Zandt said

We still don't view gender based violence as a large cultural issue — we tend to think of these as isolated incidences. We still don't view it as a larger problem within rape culture.

Let's hope Janese Talton-Jackson's tragic death will not be in vain and, instead, incite a shift in the cultural perception of this mounting problem.

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