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People Who Work In These 25 US Cities Are The Happiest

The most enjoyable places to work in the US are probably exactly where you thought they would be.

Job search site Indeed examined job reviews from over 10 million current and former employees to create its list of the top 25 happiest cities for workers in the US.

Half of the top 10 are located in California, possibly because of the widely-praised perks offered by various Silicon Valley firms.

Indeed chief economist Tara Sinclair told Refinery29,

California remains a strong draw for talent, in part due to the tech industry, so it's not surprising to see many workers in the state are invested in their jobs and show above-average levels of satisfaction.

Many of the highest-ranking jobs nationwide focus on voluntarism and public service, such as personal assistant, substitute teacher and childcare provider.

One cannot deny, however, warm weather seems to be a major factor in job satisfaction since the majority of the top 25 cities are rife with sunshine.

Here's the full list:

1. Los Angeles, CA 2. Miami, FL 3. San Diego, CA 4. Providence, RI 5. San Francisco, CA 6. New Orleans, LA 7. Washington, DC 8. Boston, MA 9. Riverside, CA 10. San Jose, CA 11. Sacramento, CA 12. Atlanta, GA 13. Detroit, MI 14. Seattle, WA 15. Minneapolis, MN 16. Orlando, FL 17. Hartford, CT 18. Birmingham, AL 19. New York, NY 20. Chicago, IL 21. Virginia Beach, VA 22. Cleveland, OH 23. Philadelphia, PA 24. San Antonio, TX 25. Jacksonville, FL

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