Amazon's 1-Hour Alcohol Delivery Service Is Everything You Ever Wanted

At some point in college, we all said,

Eff, you know what would be clutch? If someone just delivered us booze and ice cream.

Now, that drunk thought is a reality, thanks to Amazon's Prime Now.

On Tuesday, Jeff Bezos' online marketplace announced the start of Prime Now, an on-demand delivery service where you can get shipments of wine, beer, TVs, milk, ice cream and thousands of other products straight to your door in an hour.

The service, offering free two-hour delivery and one-hour delivery for $7.99, is only available for Amazon Prime users.

Amazon Prime costs $99 for a yearly subscription and already comes with free two-day shipping on products sold through Amazon.

But, there's bad news: Prime Now is currently only available in a handful of cities. However, a press release from Amazon said the service is slated to come to a bevy of other cities in the future.

Until then, we all must suffer getting tipsy the old-fashioned way: by walking to a store.

For real, though, one-hour booze delivery will sound like a great idea at 11 pm and then quickly turn into an awful idea at around 2 am.

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