Amazon Go Grocery Store Ensures No More Lines, Small Talk

Amazon Go is a "new kind of store with no checkout required."

Translated from tech-speak, that means that you never, ever, ever have to talk or make eye contact with anyone the entire time you shop.

Amazon Go uses "Just Walk Out" technology so that you — wait for it — just walk out when you're done shopping. Something like sensors and other tech stuff monitors what you have on you while you're shopping.

Then you walk out — without stopping at a register, taking out a headphone and mumbling "thanks" — and automatically get charged for whatever you take with you. The charges go through your Amazon account, where you can see your receipt as well.

In an informational video about Amazon Go, the company said they created this after asking themselves if they "could create a shopping experience with no lines and no checkout."

Guess they've done it.

Unfortunately, however, they've only done it, so far, at one store.

Amazon has a real store in Seattle, Washington, where the company is based, which is where Amazon Go can be used. For now, it's being launched only for Amazon employees in beta.

The store features food. Employees can use Amazon Go to buy either ready-to-eat meals that are made on-site or Amazon Meal Kits, where you get ingredients for a quick recipe.

So yeah, unless you happen to be an Amazon employee living in Seattle, Washington, in search of a meal kit, you cannot use Amazon Go.

You will have to continue the routine of taking out one headphone and standing awkwardly awaiting your card chip to be authorized as the grocery store clerk texts to be able to finish your purchase of ice cream and peanut butter.

Which, like, to be honest, really isn't that bad of a thing. Well,unless you're at Trader Joe's with its ridiculous lines.

But still, it's good practice for you to, you know, interact with other humans.

You can do it. I believe in you.

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