Magazine Used A White Model In Afro Tutorial, And People Aren't Happy


People are claiming Allure magazine is guilty of cultural appropriation after it used a white model for an article on how to style your hair in an Afro.

Allure's August issue features an article called “You (Yes, You) Can Have An Afro.”

Many are angry at the magazine's choice to use a caucasian model for the piece.

The model featured is Marissa Neitling from TNT's "The Last Ship."

This is what she normally looks like.


People are pretty angry at Allure for running the article with that picture, and some took to Twitter to voice their complaints.

The Afro hair style has strong roots relating back to the Civil Rights Movement. During this period, it began to be seen as a symbol of black pride.

But, the writer does not even reference the hair style's cultural roots.

Some were surprised Allure's editorial board thought this wouldn't be an issue for readers.

Instagram was also flooded with angry users calling out the magazine for its controversial article.

Of the article, Instagram user afrochicas said, "This is a perfect example of when a staff has no Diversity on their team to tell them to rethink their delivery."

Another Instagram user, thecurlydiva, posted,

Allure defended its actions to BuzzFeed. The magazine said,

People don't seem to be buying the explanation.

C'mon, Allure.

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