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Alleged Serial Killer's Creepy 911 Call About Victim Released: 'He Collapsed'

A chilling 911 call has emerged in which an alleged serial killer claims to have found a man -- believed to be his first victim -- "collapsed outside."

Stephen Port, 41, of East London in England told paramedics his 23-year-old victim Anthony Walgate (pictured below) may have had a seizure or been "just drunk."

The emergency call was played to a jury for a court case where Port faces 29 charges including four counts of murder, along with rape and sexual assault.

He denies all the charges.

In one part of the conversation, he tells the call handler,

Appears a young boy looks like he's collapsed outside. Looks like he has collapsed or had a seizure or something - or just drunk.
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Port had already hung up by the time the paramedic asked for his telephone number.

He is believed to have gone to sleep.

Mr. Walgate, a fashion student, told his friends he was going to meet a man named Joe Dean who was going to pay him around $1,000 for his company.

Police later found out Joe Dean was, in fact, Port.

His body was found in the sitting position with his underpants inside out and backwards, heard the court.

He had multiple bruises on his body, but his death was a result of GHB intoxication, said pathologist Olaf Biedrzycki.

He is accused of plying Mr. Walgate with the drug GHB at his home.

Authorities tracked down port through his telephone number. They initially interviewed him as a witness and later realized he had been lying about the course of events that unfolded.

Port is accused of carrying out similar attacks on three other people.

One of the victims is believed to be Port's housemate.

He has already been jailed for perverting the course of justice and fabricating a story to authorities.

The trial continues.

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