Upsetting Facebook Video Shows Scene After Cop Shoots And Kills 'Sick' Man

by John Haltiwanger
El Cajon Police Department

An emotional Facebook Live video has emerged showing the aftermath of a fatal police shooting near San Diego, California.

A man identified as Alfred Olango was shot and killed by an officer from the El Cajon Police Department Tuesday after cops were called to investigate reports of a man "not acting like himself."

Shortly after the officers' arrival, Olango reached for something in his pocket and got himself into a "shooting stance," according to a statement on the department's website.

Police did not say what the object in his pocket was, but acknowledged it was not a weapon.

Rumbie Mubaiwa posted a Facebook Live video in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

In it, a woman can be heard screaming in distress.

Rumbie explained,

OK, so the police did it again y'all -- they shot another unarmed black person as usual. The lady is saying she called them for help, not to kill her brother and they shot her brother. She's saying she called the cops to come help her brother and they killed her brother. This shit has moved down to California. It's time to start some riots or some shit because they have lost their minds. They said he pulled something out of his pocket and they shot him.

At one point, the victim's sister appears on camera.


She says,

You guys killed my brother in front of me. Why couldn't you taser him? I told you he was sick.

Authorities say officers performed first aid on the scene and took the man to a nearby hospital, where he was ultimately pronounced dead, USA Today reports.

El Cajon Police Department

Friends of the man's family also told The San Diego Union-Tribune the man suffered from mental illness.

San Diego's NBC 7 interviewed witnesses of the shooting, including Michael Rodriguez, who claimed the man had his hands up -- contrary to what police said.

Police refuted this account, and the man's sister also said he was not complying with their orders to reveal his hands.

The shooting attracted protestors, who chanted, "Hands up, don't shoot."

The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave.

This shooting comes not long after the police killings of two black men, Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, which led to violent protests.

A disproportionate number of people killed by US police are black.

In terms of what we know about this incident, however, it's also worth noting the data surrounding police killings involving the mentally ill.

According to a report released in March, around half of all those killed by police have some kind of disability.

Moreover, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in four people killed in officer-involved shootings has a serious mental illness.

-- With Oliver McAteer

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