An Adult Diaper Fetish Store Opened In Chicago, And Locals Are Freaking Out

Ever heard of an ABDL? No, it's not an "Astronaut Boys Dueling League," or an "Actually Breathtaking Dolphin Leap." "ABDL" is a term used to describe "Adult Baby Diaper Lovers." People who fall under the ABDL category are those with a fetish for anything diaper-related, or anything babies and children might enjoy (to be clear, they are not pedophiles).

Chicago businessman, John Michael Williams, has decided to profit off of this niche group of people by opening a store in northwest suburban Prospect Park. Although the store, Tykables, caters primarily to the ABDL community, Williams insists that some of the customers really do just come to purchase diapers for medical reasons.

Now, if you are sitting here wondering what a store catering to people who are into kinky baby stuff would look like, take a little looksy at this YouTube video Williams posted about the store back in April.

Yup, that's a grown man in a crop top and diapers walking around a store filled with high chairs and cribs made for adults. This is really a thing that is happening.

And it's perfectly legal, too. The Mount Prospect Village Manager, Michael Cassady, said the store was issued its business license in April and has been operating legally since then.

But that does not change the fact that neighbors are NOT pleased about the new store opening up in their otherwise kid-friendly area. Adirana Reza, the owner of popular kids' hang out spot, Olympus Gyros, shared her sentiments on the matter with the Chicago Tribune. She said, "I don't like it at all ... I feel kind of uncomfortable."

Nevertheless, Williams is making a real effort to work with the community by taking extra measures, such as taking down the oversized blocks that once lined the store front (neighbors complained they made the store look extra "child friendly") and frosting the store windows.

In conclusion, stop getting annoyed with your boyfriend for begging you to do anal. He could be asking you to rock him back and forth in a crib while he wears a diaper and crop top.