This Abandoned Dog Has The Most Incredible Survival Story

Augustus has the ultimate underdog story.

Not much was known about Augustus the dog when he was found in Northwest Alabama. All that was known was he would roam back roads, and he was covered in mange and infested with ear mites. Because of his condition, he would also draw abuse from residents in the area who would yell and even shoot at him just based on the way he looked. His condition was so bad when he was finally rescued he was unrecognizable to the veterinarians who treated him.

To say Augustus was in a bad state is an understatement.

He was inches from death and covered in painful scars marking an incredibly difficult life lived. At least, that was until Debbie Rappuhn, president and co-founder of HASRA (Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt), a no-kill shelter, took Augustus in.

Augustus' transformation has been absolutely remarkable as shown on his own personal Facebook page.

Posted by Augustus 2.0 on Saturday, August 22, 2015

This is the same dog who Rappuhn's colleagues said looked like a "prehistoric creature" when he was first brought in.

Posted by Augustus 2.0 on Monday, October 26, 2015

For the past eight months, Augustus has been living with a new family who says his conditions have improved remarkably.

Jordan Crist, who took Augustus in, told AL.com,

Over the past couple of weeks, we've seen him randomly pick up a toy or two and swing it around. Those little milestones you take for granted with dogs that haven't necessarily been through what he's been through. Just those little things.

Keep it up, Augustus! #TeamAugustus

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