Here's One Of The Panicked 911 Calls From The Disney World Alligator Attack

by Jake Cappuccino

Florida authorities released the 911 calls made on the night a 2-year-old was killed by an alligator in Walt Disney World.

Lane Graves was playing near the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel when an alligator apparently pulled him into the water. The boy's father tried to save him, but couldn't, and Lane's body turned up intact the next day.


In light of the attack, Disney is reportedly undertaking new precautions and putting up signage. In another new development, at least one of the panicky-sounding 911 calls from the night of the attack has been made public to ABC News.

Because the audio has not yet been released, the transcript of the second 911 call, which occurred between the operator and a woman believed to be a Disney employee, is lightly edited for style and reprinted below from ABC News.

To me, the woman seems like she's in a panic, but it's a kind of panic tempered by shock. After all, she would've just found out someone drowned on Disney property, so she would probably be flipping the hell out.

Read the transcript below, and judge for yourself.

Operator: '9-1-1 What's the location of the emergency?' Woman: 'Please come to the Grand Coridi -- Floridian please. Someone drowned in the -- in the -- Seven Seas Lagoon… lake.' Operator: 'The where, what?' Woman: 'Someone drowned in the Seven Seas Lagoon lake.' Operator: 'They're in -- at the pool?' Woman: 'No. Lake.' Operator: 'In the lake?' Woman: 'Yes.' Operator: 'You said they drowned there?' Woman: 'Um, someone drowned there -- I just stayed in the pool. Please come to the Grand Floridian.' Operator: 'Alright, stay on the line with me for just a second, we've got another call.' Woman: 'Yah.' (PAUSE) Operator: 'OK, um, all we hear -- do you see the person right now?' Woman: 'No, I didn't. It's just like um… the other lifeguard they have the information, but I'm in the pool and I'm talking with you. So I didn't see anything. But' Operator: 'Are they now pulling someone out of the lake. Is that correct?' Woman: 'Yes.' Operator: 'OK. We have no information, can you see them right now?' Woman: 'No, I can't see them.' Operator: 'OK, and you're calling from the drop -- the drop phone at the pool?' Woman: 'OK, I call from the uh Beach one -- Beach 2.' Operator: 'Do you have a cellphone that you can call from and go by -- go by where they're at and give me more information?' Woman: 'OK, OK. Just give me a second. Ok. Call you right back now.' Operator: 'Go over to where they're at, call 9-1-1- ask for Reedy Creek, OK?' Woman: 'OK.' Operator: 'We're on our way.' Woman: 'So you call 9-1-1 right?' Operator: 'Yah, we're on our way right now.' Woman: 'OK, just give me a second, I will call you back and tell you more.'

Check out ABC News for more information about the 911 calls.

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