These Are The 7 States You Absolutely Don't Want To Get Caught Smoking Weed In

by Julian Sonny
Columbia Pictures

Stoners looking to live a medicated lifestyle with zero life problems often have to relocate to a city like LA or Denver to be able to fully enjoy that way of life.

Over 200,000 people moved to Colorado after marijuana was legalized and according to a recent Harris poll, 20 percent of millennials said recreational weed is a factor they consider when moving to another state.

So what does that tell us? People are trying to get hiiiigh.

While weed is awesome in a handful of states in this beautiful country, we have to remember that it's not like that everywhere. In fact, in most other cities in America, being a stoner is straight trash!

Some of our fellow toking citizens are subjected to some pretty harsh consequences if they get caught with even the slightest amounts of marijuana.

The sad part is that what they're smoking probably isn't even that fire.

With that said, these are the seven states you absolutely do not want to get caught smoking weed in, so you probably just shouldn't go there at all. Stoners beware!


Just put it this way, getting caught with any amount of weed in Arizona is a motherf*cking felony.

That means you can have some crumbs left in the bag and get your ass locked up. According to Arizona laws, any amount under two pounds can warrant four months to two years in jail and a fine of $150,000.

And if by chance you have anything more than two pounds, it's truly a wrap for your life. Or at least a few years of it. Yeah, f*ck that.


Everything is bigger in Texas and that goes for the amount of arrests for weed, too.

The Lone Star State prosecutes more people for marijuana possession than any other place in the country. In fact, cannabis is responsible for over half of all arrests in the state every year.

That means in the state of Texas, more people are arrested for marijuana than for violent crimes.

According to Texas law, having anything under 2 ounces can result in 180 days in jail and a fine of around $2,000. Anything above four ounces can get you a maximum sentence. Don't mess with Texas.


Right above Texas lies a state that's just as bad as its neighbor when it comes to strict weed laws.

That's because in Oklahoma, anyone who's cultivating marijuana can face a life sentence in prison, according to state law.

When it comes to possession, any amount is a felony is punishable to one year in jail. However, any subsequent offenses for having any amount of weed on you can get you two to ten years. Sh*t is crazy.


Florida is right up there with Texas when it comes to the ridiculous amount of people they punish for minor marijuana possession.

Under the state law, having 20 grams or less will result in a misdemeanor which includes a year in jail and $1,000 fine.

Anything above 25 grams gets you five years in jail and a $5,000 fine, and from there the penalties get even worse.

However, if you're caught with marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, college, or park you could face 15 years and a $10,000 fine.


Louisiana gives out some of the harshest prison sentences when it comes to minor pot offenses and in 2011, Cornell Hood II received life in jail for having two pounds on him.

While first time convictions only get you 15 days in jail, plus a $300 fine, repeat offenders could be looking at years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines, according to Louisiana pot laws.

Getting caught actually smoking can result in a year in jail and public weed intoxication can get you six months easy. Moral of the story: Don't smoke anywhere in the south.

South Dakota

While smoking weed in South Dakota isn't as risky as other states we mentioned, carrying anything below two ounces is considered a misdemeanor and any amount more is a felony punishable anywhere from 1-10 years in prison.

South Dakota is also the only state to charge you for testing positive in a piss test, which gets you a misdemeanor, a fine of $1,000 and up to a year in jail. Yikes.


While Virginia isn't nearly as bad as anywhere else on this list, you can still find yourself in a good amount of trouble when it comes to only having a half ounce on you.

First time offenses get you 30 days in jail and a $500 fine while your second offense gets you locked up for a year and a $2,500 fine. It's safe to say there's probably not going to be medical marijuana in Virginia for a while.