5-Hour Energy Founder Is Using His $4 Billion Fortune To Save The World

By Julian Sonny
If you have wealth, it's a duty to help those who don't.

That's the mantra 5-Hour Energy drink creator Manoj Bhargava lives by, and with a net worth of over $4 billion, he pledged literally 99 percent of his wealth to endeavors helping to save the world.

The former monk, who was born in India, moved to Philadelphia as a teen and built his fortune on hard work, recently released a self-produced film called "Billions in Change," documenting his vision.

The three areas he focuses on are water, energy and health. His mission is to deliver products that directly impact humanity.

With a 25-acre engineering laboratory known as Stage 2 Innovations in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Bhargava and his crew focus solely on creating new technology to benefit mankind.

In the film's trailer, Bhargava says,

If you come up with something cool that's not useful, we don't do it. I have no interest. I don't want to be cool. Actually, I'm never going to be cool.

As a former cab driver, construction worker and printing press operator, Bhargava has excellent perspective for a billionaire, and that only comes from someone who's seen both sides.

The work he's done so far is impressive -- from creating revolutionary new ways to produce clean drinking water and pollution-free energy to figuring out a way to prevent disease before even having to treat it. He wants to help those who can't help themselves.

Manoj Bhargava is living proof work is never done no matter how you see it, and the world can be changed if someone with the power to do it actually takes action.

Check out the powerful trailer for "Billions in Change" below, and watch the entire film on his website.

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