Over 30 Students Injured After Multiple Balconies Collapse At College Party


Between 30 to 40 students have been injured after a balcony collapsed at an off-campus party near Trinity College in Connecticut.

Emergency services were called to the scene at around 11:15 pm on Saturday.

Police said the third-floor balcony had collapsed onto the second-floor balcony, which crashed onto the first.

Hartford police Deputy Chief Brian Foley, who was taking pictures of the scene, found a three-story beer bong.

A number of students were taken to hospital with fractures.

There are no reports of more serious injuries.

Hartford Fire Department Captain Raul Ortiz said,

Mayor Luke Bronin said in a statement it was lucky no one was killed in the incident:

Mr. Bronin commended the quick response of emergency services.

Witnesses claim to have seen around 50 people partying on the balcony of the 90-year-old building moments before the collapse, reports the New York Daily News.

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