12-Year-Old Boy Trips And Accidentally Destroys A $1.6 Million Painting

This kid who gives zero f*cks about art is my hero.

When a 12-year-old boy in Taiwan tripped over a rope gate in an art gallery, he had two options: fall to the ground, get up, brush himself off and go on with his day or use a piece of art valued at almost $1.6 million to break his fall.

He chose the latter of the two options, and the resulting video is glorious.

Yeah! F*ck art!

The painting, believed to be painted in the 1600s, is called “Flowers,” and it's by Italian painter Paolo Porpora.

The painting was being displayed as one of over 50 pieces of art at an exhibition in Taiwan called “The Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius.”

Daily Mail reported the family will not be on the hook for the damage to the painting, and the gallery will ask its insurance company to pay for the repairs.

But, I wouldn't spend too much money restoring the painting. This kid clearly got a taste of the rush that comes with destroying a $1.6 million work of art, and you know he'll be back for more.

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