Guy Immediately Asks For Sex On Tinder, YouTubes Results

It's cuffing season, which means one thing: All the single ladies and gents are shamelessly flocking to their Tinder apps with the hopes of meeting someone who will keep 'em warm where it counts (in their hearts, duh).

Upon matching with a potential bae, most users play it cool. They'll start with a clever pickup line, throw out a compliment and before they know it, they're at a local bar sharing drinks with a hot stranger who lives within .5 miles of them.

How would I know, though?

However, some people choose to take the more, um, blunt approach.

Take Brian, for example. He's a slick YouTube sensation with a knack for being straightforward in the realm of love.


His latest social experiment — which was posted to his page on December 13 — involved matching with 1,000 ladies on Tinder and immediately asking them if they wanted to have sex.

His exact first message to all of them was, "Hey, do you want to have sex?"

Right off the bat, his matches lowered from 1,000 to 935, and he began receiving a spew of different responses from the thrown-off females.

Of course, most of them said no, but a large portion of the ladies agreed to his Tinder sex-capade.

If you don't believe me, watch for yourself:

The women who found his abruptness offensive wrote back responses like "wtf no," "get lost" and "no thanks, life already fucks me every day."

The consensus was no, if you're catching my drift.


On the other hand, a bunch of ladies agreed to sex with Brian the YouTuber, and he documented those answers as well.

Some of the contenders responded with, "haha I'm down," "sure" and "totally, are you good in bed?"

Don't act so surprised, boys. Girls have sex drives, too.

Before conducting this social experiment, Brian made a video that explored the responses women had when he asked them in person if they wanted to have sex with him, and the answers were much different.

Almost everyone said "no" and either started laughing or became horribly offended.

I supposed there's no way of knowing who's going to want to have sex with you, but Tinder seems like the buffer most ladies use to secure their answers.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, a majority of the women he messaged caught onto his experiment once they realized he was a YouTube star, and, again, said no.

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