Woman Sacrificing Herself To Beyoncé By Stabbing Herself To Death Is The Fake Story Of The Day

A Beyoncé worshipper has killed herself in the name of Bey. Or has she?

Recently, we ran a post about the National Church of Bey, an organization that is taking their passion for Beyoncé to idolatry. While the worshippers seem to really exist, this fake news story claims a woman has sacrificed her life in the name of Queen B.

The report, which reeks of blatant satire, claims Taniya Hattersfield, 23, was found dead in the basement of her home, laying by a homemade shrine to Beyoncé.

Her parents' quotes may be the most entertaining part of the piece. They had this to say:

Wow. That's a pretty racist depiction of the fictional mother of the made-up Hattersfield, the woman who killed herself as the butt of this article's joke.

Her imaginary father, for a change of pace:

While the article is satire, the theme behind the made-up story is not. And with a headline that claims a woman has sacrificed herself in the name of worshipping an entertainer, we can't help but feel inclined to click and assume it's true. The idolizing nature of fans is all too real.

There are no false idols, all life is real.

H/T: News Nerd, Photo Courtesy: Instagram