When Rappers Have Hearts: The Most Charitable Emcees In The Game

by Julian Sonny

Contrary to popular belief, most rappers are half-way decent people. Sure they smoke hella weed, buy fancy cars and make it rain on a nightly basis, but there is always more to them than meets the eye.

As it goes in any story of success, there comes a certain point where you literally have too much money just for yourself and the ones you love. That's why helping others is always the most fulfilling thing you can do.

Some of the most esteemed rap artists make sure to better their society and to ensure the future of their youth by doing as much as they can to contribute to the less fortunate. This may seem ironic since most of these guys pride themselves on being thugs, not giving a f*ck and disobeying the law. It's a conceited industry, but that's just how it's always been. This is, after all, entertainment people!

Don't just think that these dudes are going out getting money, clapping cheeks and not giving back. That would be so f*cked up. Luckily, these guys have hearts, too, and know how to disperse the love. These are the most charitable emcees in the game.


Government name: Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.

Net worth: $5 million

Twitter: @bobatl

While he may be the most recent on the list to see his rise to fame, B.O.B has wasted no time in helping the needy. While he's only worth upwards of $5 million, he has already made his reach felt, after recently giving $10,000 to the charity Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless. In fact, he even went as far as to starting a radiothon to urge other artists to do the same.


Government name: Nasir Jones

Net worth: $17 million

Twitter: @nas

Being the family man that he is these days, Nas has always made sure to take care of the less fortunate. His most recent deed was during Art Basel Miami when he auctioned off his first-ever-sold piece for $14,000. All proceeds went to charity. Nas also has helped to organize Saving Our Daughters after Hurricane Sandy, which helped low-income families with gifts during the holidays. Having a daughter of his very own, Nasir saw the importance of providing others with some of the same benefits his daughter is privileged to have.


Government name: Marshall Mathers

Net worth: $140 million

Twitter: @eminem

It might always sound like Eminem is pissed off, but he actually does have a heart of gold. Having grown up in the poverty-stricken area of Eight Mile in Detroit, he had a firsthand look into how bad things could get in our own country. The Marshall Mathers Foundation, the Eight Mile Boulevard Association and the charity Nine Million are all results of this. Having started these three foundations, which help target the youth in the inner-cities, Eminem is always looking to make Michigan a better state.

Dr. Dre

Government name: Andre Young

Net worth: $360 million

Twitter: @drdre

Dr. Dre is one of the most successful rapper-turned-moguls in the game. His fortune sky-rocketed with the Beats headphones and this has allowed him to spread the wealth. Recently, Dre and Jimmy Iovine donated a combined $70 million ($35 million each) to the University of Southern California. The money went to help further the education of thousands of students in Los Angeles, as most of the funds went to creating a new degree at the university -- blending liberal arts, graphic and product design, business and technology. This became the largest gift by a black man to any college or university in the country. Dr. Dre has also helped over the years to make LA a safer city by donating to numerous charities to help inner-city youth.

Snoop Dogg

Government name: Calvin Broadus

Net worth: $120 million

Twitter: @snoopdogg

Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion?) may not be the greatest role model of all time, but he still is about his family and the youth. Snoop is renowned for donating a ton of cash to many charities that include Habitat for Humanity, Orca Network, Save a Life Foundation, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and The Healing Circle and more. He also has his very own Snoop Youth Football League where he is the commissioner, head coach and most high man on the field. Snoop is far away from his days of catching murder cases. Now he's all about creating a better future.

Kanye West

Government name: Yeezy

Net worth: $100 million

Twitter: @kanyewest

Kanye West can't do much to make people not hate him. He's dug himself in quite the hole, being an assh*le on a regular basis and getting that one particular succubus pregnant. But that's not to say he hasn't displayed his fair share of good deeds. He started the Dr. Donda West Foundation (named after his late mother), which helps young kids who drop out of school. Being the college dropout that he is, Yeezy obviously doesn't want other kids taking the same path he did. But it doesn't end there. Ye has been known to make generous donations to a variety of charities, which include Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, Oxfam America, Habitat for Humanity and many others. And of course, he helped with the entire Hurricane Katrina relief movement. That didn't end pretty.


Government name: Sean Combs

Net worth: $580 million

Twitter: @iamdiddy

Diddy is the cream of the crop when it comes to entrepreneurship spawned from the rap game. He has evolved over the years unlike anyone else in his field from hype man to producer, rapper, actor and now businessman, Diddy has conquered it all. So it only makes sense that he spreads his success to those who need it. He has supported many great charities in the past, such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Children's Hope Foundation, i.am Scholarship Fund, and the Hip-Hop Action Summit. Who can forget the time he ran the New York Marathon to help children suffering from HIV and AIDS? Even in his clothing line, Sean John, he manages to spread awareness for breast cancer by implementing the trademark pink, which also helped for more research. Diddy knows what he's doing -- making this world a better place.

Jay Z

Government name: Sean Carter

Net worth: $500 million

Twitter: @S_C_

You better believe that Hov is one of the most philanthropic emcees in the game. The man who has his hand in literally everything has done a tremendous amount in the past, working with charities such as Artists for Peace and Justice, Music for Relief, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and the Red Cross, where he famously donated a whopping $1 million for Hurricane Katrina victims. Jay is also able to implement his charitable work in unique ways such as concerts (for 9/11 and PlayPumps International to name a couple). He is also one of the few rappers to visit third-world countries to assess the damage himself and make his presence felt by making generous donations.

50 Cent

Government name: Curtis Jackson

Net worth: $260 million

Twitter: @50cent

I know what you're all thinking -- where the hell has Fiddy been? Well aside from being one of the most successful businessmen, thanks to his exclusive deal with Vitamin Water and other fitness brands, Mr. Jackson has been making one of the most noble attempts of spreading peace. He is by far the most charitable rapper, after exhibiting countless, selfless acts of charity. From visiting Kenya and Somalia to feed starving children with his own hands, 50 has also started the G-Unity Foundation, which helps the impoverished people in our very own country. Having grown up in one of the most violent neighborhoods in New York (Jamaica, Queens), he has seen firsthand what kind of damage violence and drugs can have on the youth. He is always looking to create a safer future, which is funny considering he used to do the exact opposite.

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