This Insanely Weird Music Video About PMS Is Everything Right Now

If laughter is the best medicine, K-Pop star Lizzy and comedian Park Myeong-Su may have the cure to all of your period-week woes.

The duo teamed up to create “(Good Bye) PMS,” a ridiculous bubblegum pop song and music video detailing the many annoying struggles that accompany PMS.

In the video, Myeong-Su plays the PMS devil and tortures poor Lizzy with every period-related pain in the book, trying desperately to break her down.

But Lizzy is a woman, and women do not accept defeat.

With the help of some super-powered period medicine, Lizzy regains her strength and challenges her horned enemy to an epic battle (and dance-off).

The wacky video is easily one of the weirdest things you'll ever see, but no matter how cranky you are, it'll have you laughing your irritability away in no time.

Ladies, meet your perfect PMS anthem.

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